Velvet has become the new it and you don't want to miss out! It boasts a shiny glazed appearance that can be compared to the sleek look of sealskin, creating a glistening effect when fabricated into draperies. This velvet will add sophistication to any event. Perfect for the ultimate glam event.

Provides floor length drop on 24" highball tables or 48" standard low tables. 

Material 100% Polyester, Mechanic Stretch (Stain & Wrinkle Resistant) 
Color Black
Size 108" Round
GSM (Weight) 220 GSM
How to Care Machine Wash Cold and Tumble Dry Low
Edges Finished Edges, Serged, Two Side Seams


DISCLOSURE: The colors of products when viewed on your computer monitor may appear different than the actual color of the merchandise. We make every attempt to give you a good representation of the available colors for each product sold, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact match to your previous orders as dye lots will vary. Dye lot variance of 1 to 2 shades is considered normal. To minimize color variances, we recommend that all items used for one party be ordered at the same time.