Wrapped in Love: A Valentine's Engagement

Love was in the air this Valentine's Day as we had the pleasure of adding a touch of romance to a special couple's celebration. Adorned in the luxurious embrace of our red velvet tablecloths and matching napkins, their soirée turned into a stunning symphony of passion and elegance. It was an honor to be part of their love story, crafting an ambiance as rich and vibrant as their affection.

Adding an extra spark to the evening, the couple incorporated an Armenian tradition known as 'Trendez,' where they joyously leaped over flames, symbolizing the leap into their new chapter of love and commitment. It was a breathtaking moment, perfectly complemented by the warmth and beauty of our red velvet linens. Here's to embracing tradition, igniting new beginnings, and weaving unforgettable memories together.

Photography: Edita Graphy | Rentals: Event City LA | Cake: Harena Cakes